Abbey Metal Corp.
1 Barrett Avenue, Moonachie, NJ 07074 USA
Ph:      +1.201.438.0330
Fx:       +1.201.438.6002

Our Niton XLP and XL2 fluorescence (XRF) testing equipment, is utilized to quickly sort varios metals and alloys. Our staff has over 30 years experience of sorting using XRF equipment.


Tel: +1.201.438.0330

Fax: +1.201.438.6002

1 Barrett Avenue Moonachie NJ 07074 US

We utilize various equipment to size material to our customers needs. Our Enterprise shear is able to cut up to 3” diameter bar stock and 1” thick plate.  Our portable abrasive saws can be used to cut oversized sheet, plates, bars and tanks.

   Abbey Metal

Abbey Metal currently provides several services for a variety of customers. Whether it is sortation for a superalloy manufacturer, warehousing for a refractory metal supplier, or processing for a foundry supplier, Abbey Metal provides high quality services tailored to meet the needs of our customers.